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  • Kath Todd, Chair
  • 01309 674128

About us

Who is it for?
Extend is a long established system of gentle exercise to music for older people and people with disabilities. It si for people of all shapes and sizes who want to improve their general health to maintain independance and mobility. It is an excellent follow on to maintain the benefits of physiotherapy.
Classes are sociable and fun. We mobilize your joints,develop posture, balance and coordination while strengthening your bones and improving the work of your heart and lungs.
Trained Staff
I am trained to make sure that you exercise within your limits and provide easier,alternative or seated exercise whenever appropriate. I can provide general classes, men's groups and classes tailored for specialized needs of a wide range of conditions.

Timetable for Wednesday

From - To Venue Group Season
1330 - 1500 FACT Office - Forres Seniors All Year

Timetable for Week

Day From - To Venue Group Season
Wednesday 1330 - 1500 FACT Office - Forres Seniors All Year

Our Club Groups

Group Name Group Description
Seniors Older people or those who need gentle tailored exercise

Our Club Seasons

Season Name Season Description
All Year September - June




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