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  • Jim Barron, Chief Instructor & Director
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Mountain Bike Skills Development
Having been mountain biking for over 20 years I know that there are many excellent mountain bikers out there. I also know that there are many people who would like to develop their skills on the bike and to gain confidence in riding more technical terrain. The trails in the Moray area are an ideal location for any rider to hone their skills and fitness and there are many top level riders, both male and female, living and riding in the area. Although the established trail and race centres draw large crowds on a regular basis there is no need to go to the expense of travelling to these destinations when we have such great trails on our doorstep. mtbskilz aims to cater for mountain bikers of any level who want to improve their riding. Whether you are new to the sport and want to learn good technique from the start, or have been riding for a while but want to up the level, mtbskilz can help you achieve your goals and provides a safe supporting but exciting opportunity for you to reach your full potential on a mountain bike. Tuition is tailored to developing your skills in a very focused manner. The sessions are based in various locations around Moray such as Quarrelwood (Oakwoods) in Elgin, Lossie Forest and Crooked Wood by Lhanbryde, if demand requires other more diverse locations will be added.
About the Instructor
Jim Barron - Level 2 Coach, Instructor and Guide Jim has many years mountain biking experience. He bought his first mountain bike in 1987 and was soon competing on the racing circuit at Elite level. Having taken a break from the sport for a few years in the mid 1990's he founded the Moray Mountain Bike Club in 2002 and was the president for several years and was part of the team that developed and built the Moray Monster Trails. Although still competing in some endurance races Jim found that he was enjoying pushing the limits of his skills more and more. As a result he has ridden extensively abroad and has been fortunate to have ridden in Canada, U.S.A, and throughout the Alps. He has also become involved in promoting and hosting races through his involvement with No Fuss Events culminating with "10 More in Moray". This was the largest cycling event ever to be held in Moray and part of a national series of 10 hour endurance races. Prior to undertaking formal qualification Jim has been encouraging and developing mountain bike riders since 2002. He now holds Mountain Bike Leader Association qualifications at Trail Cycle Leader (TCL) level and at the highest level of guiding certification - Mountain Bike Leader (MBL), together with the Night Leader & Winter Leader Modules. Jim is also qualified as a Go Mountain Bike Instructor with Cycling Scotland and can deliver skills training to the highest level - Level 5. Jim has also recently become a Scottish Cycling/British Cycling Level 2 Coach and will shortly complete the Level 2 MTB discipline specific unit. Jim holds relevant 1st aid training and has been vetted by Disclosure Scotland to work with children and other vulnerable groups.Jim volunteers his time to help youth development of mountain biking in conjunction with the Moray Council Active Schools Team, coaching skills to young riders of secondary school age.
Skills Sessions - What will I Be Doing?
The skills sessions will follow the 5 level syllabus laid out in the Go Mountain Bike proficiency course. Clients will progress through the various levels attaining more skills and confidence with each session. The initial levels of the course are relatively easy and most riders will attain the skill set necessary to complete them relatively quickly. These initial levels will establish a base and confidence level that should allow most riders to complete all the levels. Riders will progress at their own pace and their is no pressure to move on to the next level until you are confident to do so. You will be registered as a pupil with Go Mountain Bike (Go MTB). On attaining each level you will receive a certificate documenting your achievement. In addition your certification will be recorded with Go MTB, that way if for instance you move away from the area you can continue your training, using the same syllabus, at another Go MTB accredited training centre. Not every rider might want to progress through all the levels, indeed some may not be able to. This is fine, as all of the skills development is individually focused, as there is nothing worse than feeling as if you are being pushed beyond what you want to do. Skills attainment is on a continual assessment basis and there are no exams or tests to sit.


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