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Buckie Community Sports Hub

This is a great development for the Buckie area as it is bringing all the football bodies together to work collectively to produce an excellent player pathway system for the area, the group have some excellent ideas of how to achieve this and they are open to extending the Hub in due course to other sporting groups/clubs so that it truly will become a Buckie Community Sports Hub.

Elgin Cooper Park Community Sports Hub

Elgin Cooper Park Community Sports Hub aims to bring local clubs together to ensure that sport is easily accessible for the local community.

The Hub has overseen upgrades to the pavilion, installed a notice board in the park for clubs to promote events, provided coach education for clubs and has provided a home for Jog Scotland and Elgin Community Football Development.

For further information about the Hub check out the Facebook page

Forres Community Sports Hub

Forres has a large number of vibrant sports clubs run by enthusiastic, dedicated volunteers who up to now have largely operated independently of each other. The Forres Community Sports Hub will bring together sporting and leisure groups to work collectively to further enhance the opportunities in their local community and provide a virtual community in which clubs can communicate and collaborate ideas.

Forres House Community Centre is used as a meeting place and a focal point for club promotion. The initial focus of the Forres Community Sport Hub is to: promote and raise club awareness, provide support for all the clubs affiliated with the CSH and provide a voice for community sport in Forres.

For further information about the Hub check out the Facebook page

Hopeman Community Sports Hub

Hopeman has a number of vibrant and successful sports and fitness clubs which are run independently it is anticipated that a more “joined up” approach would be of considerable benefit to the Community. The Pavilion would be the Hub and meeting place for all the organisations involved in developing and improving facilities to improve sport fitness and health over a wide range of participants.

Keith Community Sports Hub

Open Meeting in Keith 23rd March 2017, 18:30, Keith FC Social Club.

Lossiemouth Community Sports Hub

Lossiemouth Community Sports Hub is a sub group of the Lossiemouth Community Development Trust. The Hub is the heart of the Community which provides local sports clubs with a voice for sport in Lossiemouth. The Lossie Community Sport Hub aims to bring local sports clubs together to work collectively to further enhance sporting opportunities in the area.

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