The Moray Council

A student describes her experience with the Sports Development team!

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My names Mia and I am currently a student at Speyside High School and will be going into my final year there after the summer. At the moment I am just finishing my four week internship at The Moray Council, which was part of the Career Ready programme. The programme involves being assigned a mentor then meeting up with them regularly throughout the year and at the end of the year you complete a four week internship at their place of work. My mentor is Kim Paterson who is the Sports Development Officer for The Moray Council; therefore this meant that my internship work would be based around sport. Although sport is not something I wish to do in the future, it is still something I enjoy and I was feeling quite optimistic about my internship.

During my internship I was given a variety of things to do, such as; attending meetings, doing office work, helping at summer sports camps and also the Club Links and Active Start sessions in Elgin. The thing I enjoyed most over the four weeks was helping the coaches at the summer sessions; I enjoyed this as it gave me the opportunity to work with children of different ages and abilities which is something I don’t get to do regularly. In addition it also had its challenges as I had to adopt many new skills such as staying patient, knowing how to act around children and also improving my level of confidence when leading certain aspects of sessions. Over the course of my internship I have gained many valuable skills which will be very useful at the moment and in the future. These skills include; being more confident within myself and around others, being able to know my own key skills and personal values and also being more independent. Overall I have found the experience extremely valuable and I would encourage anyone who gets the opportunity to take part, as I have learnt so much about the world of work and definitely feel more prepared for leaving school next year.


Mia Ingram