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What is a Community Sports Hub?

Community Sport Hubs provide a home for sport. They focus on the clubs and other local organisations that want to work together to improve the sport offered in their local community. A Community Sport Hub is focused on the clubs around a sport centre, community centre, school, park or a playing field pavilion. In some cases a Community Sport Hub combines a number of these places, or it may simple centre on a single-venue hosting many clubs. The ‘Hub’ is essentially a collective of progressive sport clubs working together in a local community.
Each Community Sport Hub is unique but the common thread is that each works to the following five principles:

  • Growth in participation
  • Engage the local community
  • Promote community leadership
  • Offer a range of sporting opportunities
  • Bring all appropriate (key) partners/ groups/people together.

Each Community Sport Hub develops their own vision and values to ensure all involved are clear on the work they will do together, which is detailed in a simple, clear plan to improve the sport on offer.

What do Community Sport Hubs aim to achieve?

Some of the outcomes which community sport hubs aim to achieve are:

Providing the pathway

  • More opportunities to participate in sport and physical activity
  • A home where a range of local sports clubs can work together
  • A welcome and safe place to take part in sport and physical activity

Well trained people

  • Training and development of the people that make sport happen

Strong organisations

  • Self sustainable sports clubs/organisations
  • An integrated approach from local partners
  • A social environment that engages members of the community
  • Genuine community engagement and leadership

Quality facilities

  • Improved access for local people and sports clubs at affordable prices
  • Integration with local facility planning and programming.

What impact will Community Sport Hubs have?

Supporting local sport clubs to develop takes time due to the voluntary nature of how they operate. However, we are seeing clear benefits of clubs working together within local communities.

Some of the impact that hubs are having include:

  • Increased profile for sport and visibility of sport clubs in the local community.
  • Development of the local people that make sport happen to improve what is on offer.
  • Sport clubs working together to develop and innovate.
  • Greater recognition of what sport clubs offer their local community.
  • A greater choice of sport.
  • More family-focused sport clubs providing welcoming and safe environments.

Interested in getting involved?

If your club is interested in becoming part of a Community Sports Hub in Moray or you think your community could be developed into a Hub, please contact Dimitris at or 07970974857 to discuss further.