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Move More Moray; Helping people with cancer ‘Move More’ and feel better.

(For Instructor Level 4 Can Rehab and Volunteer Gentle movement training dates; August /September 2017 see last section of blog)

Moving more can reduce the sense of isolation, help with managing side effects and improve strength, aerobic fitness and flexibility. When in remission, there’s emerging evidence to suggest that physical activity can reduce the chances of the cancer coming back.

With increasing understanding of the positive effects of keeping active, Physical activity can be an important part of managing and recovering from cancer. Move More Moray is a Macmillan Cancer Support and Moray Council partnership dedicated to providing 12 weeks of free activity opportunities and ongoing support for people affected by cancer within Moray.

The traditionally accepted ‘rest is best’ is now considered invalid, as there is now mounting evidence that appropriate physical activity can play an important role in managing the side effects of treatment and help and people affected by cancer feel better. Even during treatment just spending less time sitting down and taking short walks can help.

Macmillan have projected that one in three people will be receive a cancer diagnosis at some time in their lives, with these individuals likely to feel isolated and alone resulting from the condition and its treatments. They can commonly experience poor energy levels, and feel very low; however, it is now known that even moving a little can help counter this tiredness and many other side effects that people experience throughout their cancer journey.

It seems counterintuitive to be active when experiencing debilitating fatigue, one of the most common side effects of cancer treatment, and such fatigue can encourage people to just stay in bed. But a little activity such as a short walk or light activities of daily living have been found to be beneficial, and contrary to popular belief activity does not increase fatigue levels and in fact helps people recover more quickly. Being active is also known to help people to feel better and lessen the anxiety levels that are understandably higher during their cancer treatment.

Nevertheless, for many people it isn’t as simple as getting out and getting active, many people need help and support to begin to be more active as they may not have done any physical activity for a while (or ever) and some may be nervous about being active following a cancer diagnosis. Recognising this, Macmillan Cancer Support has partnered up with organisations across Scotland to deliver Move More, a physical activity programme for people affected by cancer.

It’s important to offer choice and a pathway for people affected by cancer to increase their physical activity levels and improve their confidence to adopt a healthier, more active lifestyle.  People often value the opportunity to meet others in a similar situation as well and make friends while attending the activities in a supportive environment.

The Move More Moray programme offers support to people affected by cancer to take part in a range of physical activities; offered at different levels, from and walking to group exercise circuit based Individuals can be referred by a health professional or can refer themselves. Those living with and beyond cancer can take part at any stage of treatment, up to five years post diagnosis. Friends and family of those with a cancer diagnosis are also welcome to take part in some of the activities.

For support, information regarding the Move More Moray programme call Caroline van der Heiden on 01343 563642 | 07870811263 or email ‘’.

Further information regarding referral and/or volunteering with Move More Moray is also available at

If you just want to chat, call Macmillan free on 0808 808 00 00 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 8pm) or visit

Instructor training

Can Rehab Level 4 Training will take place in Huntly. The dates are; – 12th, 13th, 19th, 20th August. Assessment on 23rd September.

For further information regarding instructing Can rehab classes for Move More Moray, call Caroline van der Heiden on 01343 563642 07870811263 or email

Cancer and Exercise Rehabilitation Level 4 Qualification

CanRehab Level 4 Course Content

The Level 4 Qualification in Cancer and Exercise Rehabilitation will teach you to design, agree and adapt a physical activity programme to aide cancer rehabilitation for your clients or patients living with cancer. The course will consist of 28 hours of teaching over 4 days plus an assessment day and will also require you complete approximately 100 hours of independent study. You will be provided with a manual and DVD to be used alongside the taught module to enhance self-study.

Link to the provider’s course content page;

Gentle movement volunteer leader training

Huntly (at the Linden Centre);- 12th, 19th, 26th August – 12noon -5pm and 2nd September – 12noon – 5pm (attendance required on all the days to qualify)

The activity of ‘Gentle movement’ is a Tai Chi like activity with standing and seated options. Gentle movement is a lovely mindful activity that includes a self-massage warm up, a mobilisation sequence followed by the core movements and a led meditation.

This volunteer led activity will be free of charge for blocks of 12 weeks to individuals that are people affected by cancer and referred to the Move More Moray programme.

Volunteers would be expected to be over 18 and available for about two hours weekly.

We hope to be able to have enough volunteers engaged and trained to set up a Gentle movement group in Buckie and Elgin initially.

For further information call Caroline van der Heiden on 01343 563642 07870811263 or email

Further information regarding volunteering with Move More Moray is also available at