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Moray programme launches to help cancer patients ‘Move More’

Moray programme launches to help cancer patients ‘Move More’

A new programme to help cancer patients in Moray become more active was launched on November 3rd 2017.

Macmillan Cancer Support has invested £108,000 to develop Move More Moray in partnership with Moray Council. The programme has been specifically designed for people affected by cancer and includes walking groups, gardening, gentle movement and circuits-based activity classes.

Helping people who have been diagnosed with cancer to ‘move more’ is a key focus for Macmillan. Extensive research has shown that being active during and after treatment is both safe and hugely beneficial and should be available to everyone with a diagnosis of cancer.

The activities, which are all free of charge, will not only help people cope with the side effects of treatment, but also provide an opportunity to meet others in a similar situation, build confidence and reduce the feelings of loneliness and isolation that a cancer diagnosis can bring.

Head of Macmillan in Scotland, Janice Preston, said: “Traditionally people have been told that rest was best and while it is right to rest at certain times, it is also really beneficial to get moving too. Research shows that being active during and after treatment can not only help with the side effects but also reduce the loneliness and isolation many people feel.

“We realise people may feel nervous about building up their activity levels, particularly if it’s for the first time after treatment or if they haven’t been very active for a while, which is why Macmillan is working with Moray Council to provide this programme specifically for those affected by cancer.”

Moray Council said they were delighted to be involved in the delivery of the Move More programme in Moray.

Moray Council’s Sports Development Officer, Kim Paterson, said: “It is imperative we ensure that the whole of the Moray community can access physical activity opportunities locally and the research on the physical activity benefits for people affected by cancer further evidences this need. There are four different options to get involved with this programme, hopefully ensuring there is something of interest for everyone.”

Moray MSP Richard Lochhead said: “Move More has the potential to really benefit the wellbeing of cancer patients in Moray by helping them to get more active. Cancer affects a huge number of people in Moray and the launch of Move More will give them the opportunity to get more active, whether that’s by walking, gardening, or taking part in a circuits class.

“It will also give people the chance to meet with other folk in a similar situation, which can hopefully reduce that feeling of being very alone that can be brought about by a cancer diagnosis.

“I’m really pleased to see Macmillan Cancer Support – who do a fantastic job supporting families in Moray – and Moray Council working together to deliver this initiative and I’m happy to be able to show my support for Move More in Moray.”  

George Flett from Buckie, who has been attending the circuits-based activity class at Buckie Leisure Centre, said: “Since attending the circuits class I have seen a vast improvement in my fitness and strength. I have now progressed from using resistance bands to kettle bells for the strength work within the classes. It’s a great workout and the instructor is very supportive.”

Move More Moray is free of charge and available to people living with and beyond cancer as well as their supporters. To find out more call the Move More Moray Officer on: 01343 563642, call or text 07870 811263 or email