The Moray Council


What is sportMoray?

sportMorayWe are a voluntary body whose Executive Committee is made up of individuals from local sports clubs and groups. We provide a co-ordinating role in the development and promotion of sport in Moray. A large number of individual and team sports are represented.

What does it do?

Our main aim is to encourage interest and participation in sport within Moray; to provide a forum for sports clubs and other organisations to meet and to discuss and assist their activities and development. We believe in ‘Sport For All’.

What Service does sportMoray offer?

sportMoray provide support to sports clubs in relation to funding advice, information on legislation, coach education and developments from a national perspective.  They work closely with Community Sports Hubs to ensure local sport in Moray continues to be driven forward.  The organisation of Club Network nights will take place and representation from affiliated clubs of sportMoray will be able to access these nights for free.  sportMoray also support/organise a series of school sporting competitions throughout the year.  They organise the annual sportMoray Recognition Awards night and in 2016 they organised the inaugural sportMoray Corporate Challenge which was open to local businesses, groups, clubs, families and friends.

Who does sportMoray work with?

sportMoray has close links with:- schools, local sports clubs, community development, youth organisations, The Moray Council, Scottish Association of Local Sports Councils and sportScotland. sportMoray’s unique position enables it to implement Regional and National sports initiatives, whilst providing local people with a central point for information on sporting matters.

Where do its funds come from?

sportMoray funds are generated through subscriptions from affiliated clubs and organisations. We have also been successful in obtaining grant awards from e.g. Lottery Funding for specific initiatives such as Club Network Evenings and the delivery of specific courses. sportMoray’s main expenditure is the annual sportMoray Awards.

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