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Grampian Club CAP

The three local authorities and local sports councils within Grampian have joined forces to develop a Sports Club Complete Accreditation Programme (CLUBCAP) as a means of acknowledging clubs, which operate in a structured way and in accordance with certain criteria.

The Grampian ClubCAP scheme is free of charge to apply to in Moray and successful clubs that complete the scheme may be provided with some incentives as a reward.

For more information on the scheme contact Sports Development on 01343 563657 or email   The four areas where evidence is submitted relating to the ClubCAP scheme includes club structure, equity and ethics, coaching programme and duty of care and child protection.  In essence it requires the sports club to complete a health check survey and application form, an assessor is then appointed to the club and they will undertake an external visit to the club to speak to committee members and participants within the club.  A report is then produced which identifies the strengths of the club and the areas for improvement that they may wish to further develop.

Since the rollout of the scheme in 2008, nine clubs from Moray have successfully completed the scheme either at Standard or Enhanced level.  Information on these clubs are stated below;

Elgin Amateur Athletics Club

Elgin Amateur Athletics Club also achieved ClubCAP status in 2014 at the same time they achieved the Scottish Athletics equivalent of ClubMark.  The club has a very strong ethos on youth development and provide opportunities for all ages to participate in athletics whether that be at recreational level or competing at a local, regional or national level.  They cover all disciplines of athletics and are constantly encouraging their members to further develop their coaching and officiating experience as well as their performing abilities.  A small, strong committee that has grew their membership extensively over recent years.

Quasar Hockey Club

Quasar Hockey Club achieved ClubCAP status in late 2014.  The strengths of the club included a strong, knowledgeable committee with good communication methods used.  Their club policies are all up-to-date and continually reviewed and amended as necessary.  They place a strong emphasis on upskilling their playing members in both the coaching and officiating strands of the sport and are always willing to try new initiatives and are a very forward thinking club.

Moray Junior Curling Club

Moray Junior Curling Club are the latest Moray club to successfully achieve the Grampian ClubCAP status. They have achieved excellence level status in the standard category with a percentage score of 89%. ClubCAP is a quality assurance scheme providing a development tool for sports clubs. Being awarded ClubCAP status lets the sporting community, potential new members and parents know that a club operates in a safe and well organised manner.

The strengths of Moray Junior Curling Club include an extremely dedicated and well organised technical coach that has a clear progressive coaching structure in place that links with the National Governing Body structure. They have a very successful school introductory programme which helps to recruit new members to the club. As their club is dedicated to juniors, they have comprehensive codes of conduct and child protection policies which meet the needs of their members. They have members competing at local, regional and national level which proves that the system in place is both fully inclusive and challenging for all involved.

Sandra MacIver from Moray Junior Curling Club commented ‘The committee of Moray Junior Curling Club are delighted to achieve ClubCAP status. By achieving this parents of the club’s members are reassured that the club is well run and trying to do the best for young people who are interested in the sport of curling. It also reassures the committee that they are following best practice but it gives them targets of how to make things even better’.

Forres St Lawrence Cricket Club

Forres St Lawrence is the latest club to have successfully achieved ClubCAP status with a standard level score of 88% which is in the excellence category. The strengths of the club included the clear understanding the club has in the importance of junior development, this is evidenced by its work with local schools (Kwik Cricket sessions & festival), its emphasis on quality coaching and provision of numerous playing opportunities for its junior members. The Club has developed well thought-out plans and procedures that reflect a good understanding of current best practice and legislation. They are supported by a dedicated and enthusiastic committee, the Club demonstrates an ethos of equity which emphasizes the welfare and development of club members. The Club Committee also demonstrates an active and engaging approach to partnership working through their involvement with the Moray Cricket Association and SportMoray.

Moravian Orienteering Club

It was a memorable day for local adventure running club Moravian Orienteers last Saturday. A special guest at their Quarrelwood event was Moray’s Sports Development Officer Kim Paterson who was there to present the club with the Grampian Club Cap Award. This accolade recognises excellence in sports clubs, and the award made special mention of the work that Moravian have been doing in local schools.

“Moravian achieved an excellent 86% in the assessment,” said Kim. “We were particularly impressed with the partnership the club has established with Active Schools. They run their events in a safe and well-managed way, and orienteering has suddenly become so much more accessible to young people in the area thanks to Moravian’s efforts. Traditionally an adult cross country running sport, orienteering has proved a great way of teaching young people map skills while getting them outdoors, keeping fit and having fun. The great thing about this sport is that people of all ages and abilities can take part, each at their own level. The club has created a wonderful family-friendly atmosphere and we in sportMoray wish them every success in the future.”

Kim even put her money where her mouth was and tackled the junior course, finishing 2nd in a very creditable time of 22 minutes. She was no match for one of the club’s young stars, however, as 10-year-old Bishopmill Primary pupil Lauryn McWilliam showed her a clean pair of heels and inch perfect navigation to beat her by 3 minutes!

In a separate ceremony, Moravian’s Junior Development Officer, Mike Rodgers, formally handed over a £3000 package of event equipment to local Active Schools Co-ordinator Cameron Steel. The kit, comprising electronic orienteering controls, personal timing chips, marker flags and all the associated electronic gadgetry, was bought thanks to a £500 grant from sportMoray, a £2000 development grant from the sport’s governing body, British Orienteering, and a £400 contribution from the club’s own funds. The president of Scottish orienteering, Donald Grassie, was on hand to witness the handing over, and further funding is in the pipeline from Scottish Orienteering.

Many local schools have recently taken part in orienteering competitions, and have since had their ground professionally mapped. This equipment will now allow schools to stage ‘real’ events using their own maps in school time, and orienteering is already starting to appear on the PE curriculum. “Orienteering is a fabulous sport to introduce into schools” said Mr Steel. “It has proved immensely popular at places like Lossiemouth High School where we are in the middle of delivering a block of sessions. It provides a physical and mental challenge, and stretches the more able and athletic youngsters, developing map skills in a really exciting, innovative way. We are very grateful for Moravian’s support, and all this new kit will bring the school orienteering experience to a whole new level.”

In the main race of the day, Forres runner Chris Spencer continued his resurgence to form by climbing to the top of the local league by claiming 3rd place in the 4 km race. Spencer finished hard on the heels of Lossiemouth runner Roo Hornby, but neither were able to match veteran Eddie Harwood who had a 2-minute margin in claiming his first win of the season, taking full advantage of the injury to the club’s speed merchant Jon Hollingdale who had enjoyed a 100% success rate in the 3 previous events. Leading Under 18 on the senior course was 12-year-old Andrew Barr who came a very good 7th.

Moravian is now gearing up for their biggest event of the year at Culbin on Sunday June 13th. The event is a major fixture for clubs across the north of Scotland and should attract in the region of 300 runners. It also features the first ever Moray and Highland Junior Championships where young orienteers can compete in age-group races from under 11 to under 17. The junior classes are aimed at novices, so the navigation has been kept at quite an easy standard, but there is also a ‘junior elite’ class for the experts. Junior runners who are a bit unsure of their navigation skills can run as pairs or even shadowed by a parent. Full details about this event, and other information about the club can be found on

Elgin Miniature Rifle Club – Elgin Miniature Rifle Club were the first sports club in Moray to go through this scheme back in October 2008. The Club focuses on the discipline of prone small bore target shooting. Elgin Miniature Rifle Club received the highly commended status at the standard level of this scheme with an overall score of 76%.

The Club’s key strengths include;

The emphasis at the club on safety and adhering to the National Governing Body guidelines in relation to this.

The dedicated committee ensuring that the Club is run to the best of its ability.

The competition structure that the Club is involved in, encouraging all abilities to compete.

The appropriate facility that the Club accesses for Club nights/competition. For further information on this Club, please contact Hilary Lamont, Treasurer, on

Forres Gymnastics Club – Forres Gymnastics Club then became the second club to go through the ClubCAP scheme in Moray in November 2008. The Club focus on WMS Artistic/Recy and Sports Acrobatic disciplines in the sport of gymnastics. Forres Gymnastics Club reached excellence status at the standard level of this scheme with an overall score of 85%.

The Club’s key strengths include;

The clear structure the Club has in relation to the coaching programme for each of the different sections during the year.

The communication links the Club has with parents, coaches and the participants themselves.

The emphasis at the Club on safety and adhering to the National Governing Body guidelines in relation to this.

The dedicated committee ensuring that the Club is run to the best of its ability.

For further information on the Club, please contact Patsy Fraser-Mackenzie, Head Coach on 01309 673316.

Moray Golf Club

Moray Golf Club based in Lossiemouth became the third club through the scheme in August 2009. The Club also achieved excellence status at the standard level with an overall score of 87%.

The key strengths of this Club include;

The Club’s commitment to junior development (Club has been involved with Clubgolf programme for a number of years). They have a number of trained coaches which ensures sufficient support to deliver the programme.

A number of the younger members compete at county level and one has represented Scotland.

Comprehensive competition structure in place, which allows males/females of all ages and abilities to compete.

Excellent website which provides a variety of information and Club also produces a regular newsletter for members to aid communication within Club.

For further information on Moray Golf Club, contact 01343 812018 or e-mail

Forres Bluefins

Forres Bluefins is the local swimming club in the Forres area that encourages junior and senior participation in the sport. The Club successfully completed the ClubCAP scheme in September 2009. The Club achieved excellence status at the standard level with an overall score of 92%.

The key strengths of this Club include; Number of committee roles held within the Club to help spread the workload.

Well structured coaching programme that reflects seasonal plan priorities and dovetails National Governing Body standards.

Opportunities available to Club members to compete and train across the country and beyond. The success of the swimmers range from local to national level.

Up-to-date website that includes information relevant to children, parents, Club committee and general public.

For further information on Forres Bluefins, contact Roy Haynes, secretary on